Path Mapping not changing forward / backward slashes when using Deadline Monitor to Submit using Python Script

Hello! I’m submitting a few jobs using some custom python scripts, using file path as first argument. This is done from Deadline Monitor -> Submit -> Miscellaneous -> Python
I’m seeing in the logs (scrubbed real file path / file names).

2020-11-09 12:34:35:  0: CheckPathMapping: Swapped "Z:\Deadline_NetworkShare\Filepath\" with "/mnt/Deadline_NetworkShare\Filepath\"
2020-11-09 12:34:35:  0: CheckPathMapping: Swapped "Z:\Deadline_NetworkShare\FilePath\render_me.mp4" with "/mnt/Deadline_NetworkShare\Filepath\render_me.mp4"

It’s swapping mount location perfectly, but missing the forward slash and back slash swap. From what I’ve read in documentation this should also be changed as well right? I can fix this in my own python script later on but would prefer to use Deadline for this.

I’ve searched the forum for similar problems and found a few, it seemed to be plugins that were missing this feature. Could this be the case with the Submit to Python plugin as well?

If needed I can post a screenshot of my path mapping. I have an entry for each OS.

Example threads:

Thank you!

Are you seeing any issue with the mixed slashes? Even Windows doesn’t get tripped up like it used to - at least in my experience.

I am, my python scripts in Ubuntu don’t like the mixed slashes.

Again, I can fix this but it should be swapping automatically right?

By the looks of it the Python plugin doesn’t do a slashes-fixing step, so it’s not doing that automatically.

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