Path mapping to UNC paths on Mac clients

I’m in the process of setting up Deadline. Most of our nodes are windows however most of our workstations are Macs.

Our shared storage is ProMAX Systems which uses smb shares for individual projects rather than a single large pool for the entire server. Shares are referred to as “Platform Spaces” and are mounted to /Applications/Platform-Spaces/PlatformSpaceName." On Windows they are mapped as network drives.

Remapping the paths to their UNC equivalent is an easy fix for the windows workers. “/Applications/Platform-Spaces/” gets remapped to “\” for the windows side. But the Mac equivalent of “smb://” doesn’t work since Mac OSX doesn’t do UNC paths.

Right now the Mac workers only render if I manually mount the required volumes on each Mac.

I guess what I need to do is one of the following:

*** Use software to allow UNC paths to work on Mac OSX.**
*** Extract the name of the platform space(s) for a given submission script and force them to mount at the start of a job.**
*** Some other approach to the problem I haven’t considered.**

I’ve looked at Mapping Drives with Deadline

Any ideas?

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