Photoshop on Deadline?


Our design team has been getting jobs to produce 40ft banners and it is killing them trying to save out the PNGs on their Mac laptops. It got me thinking if there was some way to leverage our render farm for this purpose. I don’t see a plugin for Photoshop within Deadline so I’m assuming there is no native support for it. But I seem to recall reading a post here talking about using the CommandLine plugin for such a purpose. So I’m curious if anyone has ever tried this?




Funny you should mention this…I may have a Photoshop prototype plugin kicking around here somewhere… :wink:

Tell me more about how it would need to work? What would it do? What would it execute? A *.jsx (javascript) script in Photoshop? An “Image Processor” script? More details, please! No promises just yet :wink:



Well, I haven’t looked too deep into this yet. But my basic needs would be to take a PSD file and have it export out a PNG file. I’m not very familiar with Photoshop’s capabilities from command line, so I’m not sure what the best method will be. But again, the task is a basic “Export as…”

I’m not expecting anything that’s integrated within Photoshop (although that would be amazing). But a way to launch from either the Monitor or via a command prompt would be nice.



I’m not convinced you need Deadline here.

Photoshop has some nice automation tools under the “Export”, “Automate” and “Scripts” menus in the “File” menu. You could use the “Export -> Layers to Files…” options to save the PSD layers to PNG files, or “Automate -> Batch” to batch process a number of image files, or “Scripts -> Image Processor” to batch process a folder of image files to a select image file format and/or run an actionScript against it as well.

Would any of these workflows from Adobe suit?


If it’s just simple conversion or something similar, you can do an action from which you then make photoshop droplet. Then you just use deadline to pass image path data to that droplet. (for example make photoshop plugin based on command lineplugin)

Photoshop droplets can be run from command line.


The only reason I was wanting to use Deadline is to leverage our farm machines. They have the memory to handle the task of exporting a 40ft banner image. I think this whole thing is moot though. They’re trying to get approval to purchase one of those MacPro “Trash Cans” to handle tasks like this. I was hoping to help them avoid that cost. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Is the Photoshop plugin available? I want to take rendered images and process them using JSX scripts.


Any chance you still have a Photoshop prototype plugin? I need to figure out how to run photoshop and then run a JSX script. The script loads a template PSD (one of many), and then runs a script to populate the layers of the PSD and perform different actions on different renders.


I’m not sure if my plugin would still work as I wrote it 3+ years ago. Essentially you could use the basic CommandLine plugin in Deadline. Follow this Stack Overflow post where you pass:

“/path/to/Photoshop.exe” “/path/to/script.jsx”

seems to work on Win & macOS

I’ve not checked but I wonder if any improvement has been made on teh Adobe side in the last 3 years since I checked. I saw this post was made last year:

and the official Adobe Scripting Guide is here: