Plans regarding the Flood lineup of products ?

Yes yes…the pun was intended :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just wondering if there are any plans regarding releases or betas or whatever regarding any and all of the flood plugins ? I am rather frustrated with Realflow (and it’s broken
64bit build, the non working exporter and the list goes on) and am looking for alternatives.

Kind Regards,

Are you still interested in a flood release?


Always interested in something that may be better more friendly :slight_smile:

Most definitely here. I still dont really see any competition. Naiad might be in the future (tho it seems *nix only wich is rather bad in a max environment).


Naiad is impressive, but yes there is one software for fluid sims and it’s realflow and i would love to see more competition.

Well - i’ll pursue this further with the team - but with Naiad imminent [this year?] on windows, i’m not 100% sure we should be the third player. that being said, if we have enough interest in it we can change our minds! and we’re always open to partnering with a facility or two who have some strong td’s willing to tackle flood in it’s non-commercial state. that would be a licensing discussion, for sure.



Naiad is way too expensive for anything but a production house.

Realflow had a good thing going for a freelancer (since 50% of vfx artists are freelancers) but totally screwed me over with a $1000 a year “maintenance” plan. Not to mention Realflow is following Fusions steps and getting away from its core purpose.

After being kicked in the nuts by Reaflows new annual maintenance plan I am even that much more interested in flood!

Hook it up :smiley:

What about FX-Gear’s FLUX? Didn’t see any work done with it apart from their demoreel which was shown a year ago.

Interesting results and also the distributed simulation solution sounds promising. As far as I heard its a standalone with a plugin for Maya. Heard it’s already available to purchase. They should really update their site about it…

Yeah, I’d be interested in Flood. Gimme gimme gimme.

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