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Plugin config houdini 19.5 not showing with deadline client and repository update

I’ve upgraded our deadline client and repository to (and confirmed version num in help>about deadline…) as we are updating both our houdini and cinema versions, all seems to be good with cinema 4D plugin configuration, I can see 2024 in the plugin configuration, but houdini only shows up to 19.0 which I think is causing it to not work on the farm when I test submissions.

If I go to check the Houdini.param file in the plugins folder within deadline Repository folder

It seems to contain the text for 19.5. Editing it, say I remove lines for 18.0, I also see no change. I tried hitting tools>synchronize monitor scripts and plugins. Also double checked that the monitor is pointing towards the repository folder.

Any pointers to what could be wrong or what I can check? Thanks

It could be possible that you have a copy of a Houdini plugin in the “C:\DeadlineRepository10\custom\plugins” directory which is old. The “custom” folder gets the priority over the default plugin folder in Deadline.

If you have a copy of Houdini plugin in the custom folder, remove it or update the files with the default “C:\DeadlineRepository10\plugins\Houdini”. I hope this would help.

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That was it! Thank you so much you’ve made my Christmas, I will sleep well tonight and dream sweet deadline dreams. :grin:


Good one! THanks for that, i would have never figured that out. Cheers.

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