Plugin error problem Maya 8 64bit


We are running multiple OS on one server for testing, namely Linux 32, 64bit, Win 32, 64bit on one machine: and we installed Deadline 2.5 repository in Win 64 bit together with a slave, and we are trying to do a test render using Maya 8 64bit, and it is showing this error below even though the plugin path to the render.exe for Maya 8 is correct, is there any solution for this? or we are doing something wrong maybe? or is it because we have multiple OS? please we really need help. thanks!!!


RenderPluginException – Exception during render: Script accessed non-existent plugin config key RenderExecutable8_0 x64

RenderPluginException.Cause: JobError (2)

Exception.TargetSite: Void RenderTasks(Int32, Int32)

Exception.Source: DeadlinePluginLoader


at Deadline.Plugins.PluginLoader.RenderTasks(Int32 startTask, Int32 endTask)

at Deadline.Plugins.Plugin.RenderTask(Int32 startFrame, Int32 endFrame)

at Deadline.Slaves.SlaveRenderThread.RenderCurrentTask()


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