Post job python script fails because of old module

I have created a post job script that will upload the rendered files to dropbox.
I have added the dropbox module to a network folder and added that path to the deadline python settings.
The problem happens with the requests module, its being read from here C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline10\bin\pythonsync and some error happens because its using older version. When running the post script locally the upload to dropbox works fine.
Is there a way to update the deadline python modules? Or should I find some way to load the newer requests module from a different location?

In your DeadlineRepository10/pythonsync there’s a that populates that folder on each worker. You can open it and replace the requests module with the more modern version. You’ll probably need to restart the Worker to be sure the change has propagated, I’m honestly not sure when Deadline checks for changes to that file but a restart usually does it.

You could also add the module path to the in the “Python” section of “Configure Repository Options” but I’m not sure which gets loaded first between pythonsync and the additional paths and that sounds like mess of python dependency ordering that I wouldn’t want to fight with.

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I added path to my modules but the ones from the sync get loaded. Anyway I solved the issue by making an exe of the python code that use the requests module and I call the exe when I need that feature :slight_smile:

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