Problem installing Deadline 9 submitter after having Deadline 10 installed on workstation


Do you know why we might be getting an error on the Deadline Client Bin Directory page of the Maya submitter installer?

It is looking for C:\Program Files\Thinkbox\Deadline9\bin which is in that location but it keeps saying there was an error running deadlinecommand.exe from that location…(although it exists)

I have tried uninstalling and deleting all Deadline 10 and 9 folders and reinstalling but i keep getting the error. There is just one workstation that has had 10 installed on it for testing but 9 will not go back on. Thanks.


Check the environment variable is not still set to Deadline 10, should be DEADLINE_PATH


found the problem. had set a user env variable to point to deadline 10 which was overriding the system env var :frowning: