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Problem Maya Batch using 3Delight

Hi I use 3delight 2.932 for Maya 2022
I render from deadline monitor to rendering with Maya batch

There is some error like
Error: file: C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpEE8.tmp line 6: Cannot find procedure “DRG_batchRenderInit”.

I’ve tried local render using Maya and it work. I think the problem at this DRG_batchRenderInit error, but I can’t figure out

To see if this is getting caused by the Deadline Worker, or by the scene / render node could you go through the troubleshooting guide to test this render as Deadline would run it but without the added complexity of our application plugins?

I agree that DRG_batchRenderInit is the issue, and that tmpEE8.tmp file referenced is something Deadline builds automatically for rendering with MayaBatch, so the troubleshooting guide will help simplify the setup.

I noticed in Maya’s batch renderer there are 3Delight and _3Delight. when submitting job from monitor the renderer is 3Delight if i send it from Maya the renderer is _3Delight.

so, I try submit from Maya which use _3Delight renderer. there is no DRG_batchRenderInit error

I see this discussion

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thanks for sharing the solution, so it is working if you use _3Delight when submitting from within Maya?

Yeah. it work if i only submitting from within maya.

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