Problem saving EXR files while tile rendering 3DS Max / VRAY


I have a problem trying to use Tile Rendering with .EXR file format using 3DSMax and Vray.
I can’t find any answer to my problem on these forums.

I want to render a large resolution single frame file using 3DSMax 2019 and Vray Next.
I tried selecting “SINGLE FRAME TILE Rendering – Single Job, Tiles As Tasks” in tile menu.
I checked “V-Ray raw image file” to save .EXR file (I need this format for the Cryptomatte pass)
When sending the job to the farm using Deadline I have no issues but at the end of the rendering process, no image files are saved anywhere.

I have no issues when rendering in .PNG format using the “separate render chanel” or by disabling the VRay frame buffer. But this prevents me from having the Cryptomatte pass I need.

Can You help me ?