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Problem when running as service

Hi, I’ve been using deadline without service from past few years, no problems in it.

I’ve recently tried installing as a service, since then I’m coming solving all the problems across and got struck here. All my machines throwing the same error. Please find attatched image and please let me know the possible solution…

Thank You,

Seems like Deadline was not able to resolve the job user with the user information it has saved in the database. Are you submitting Render as a User? I believe you would need to either add the users to Deadline under Monitor > Tools > Manage Users > Add, or you can submit a job with a single user which is saved in deadline.
The user setting can be saved under Deadline Client Configuration file (deadline.ini) as well, you would need check that settingand make sure it has the correct user set. Here is a documentation on it: (Client Configuration — Deadline documentation)

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That fixed the issue

But we can’t see worker logs after that We usually see when we press (CTRL+L) also, some of the tasks are getting failed. I’m attaching the log here, Please check (7.1 KB)

From the stack trace it looks like the user account under which the Worker/Render process is running is unable to create the Job/Plugin folders. Typically this is a permissions problem. If you ran the Worker as a desktop application and later switched to running it as a service the local cache files created may not have compatible permissions for the service user.

To test the local permissions can you stop the Worker, delete everything in the “C:\ProgramData\Thinkbox\Deadline10\workers” folder, then restart the Worker? That folder is simply a local cache and can be cleared out safely. When Deadline rebuilds the folders it should use the correct permissions.

If that doesn’t help, then test for server or share permissions for the Repository. You would try making a copy of a file from the Repository onto the desktop of machine to see that it works.

We have a guide on setting proper file permissions in the documentation, assuming you’re using a direct connection. (Database and Repository Installation (Advanced) — Deadline documentation)

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