problem with pflow


i’m a Frost 2.0 user and I recently got this problem

WRN: max_pflow_particle_istream() Internal Error: index out of range for radius calculation. Please contact Thinkbox support. (-1 is not in the range [0, 1))

I have a 20k particles mesh emitter in Pflow and a hipoly mesh in the frost object parameter rollout.
Without the pflow emitter in the frost simulation everything works fine without alert…
Is that a RAM issue? or what?
anyway, when I lauch a viewport preview everything looks normally but the alert popup always comes out.
thank you


Thank you for your report!

Would it be possible for you to please send us a scene file that reproduces this problem? You can send us your file by posting it on this forum, or by using our ticket system. You’ll probably need to ZIP your file to get it through our ticket system.