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Any update on the prores front? Would love all flavors… :slight_smile:


I’ll poke Chris who will poke Apple again.

Just a quick bump from me. We’re also eagerly awaiting ProRes support…

Thanks, I’ve poked Chris to poke Apple again.

I have to say that I am honestly disappointed that there is no movement in this. ProRes becomes more and more important in the industry and most major players support it on PC now.

I would really appreciate some progress here.

Sorry for the harsh word, but it´s been 4 years now, I think it´s about time: … res#p27584



Hi there,

Thank you very much for pushing for this. We are doing the best we can. I will give you an update as soon as there is progress.


Thank you, appreciated!


I just discussed this with Chris Bond and he confirmed that he’s doing the best he can.

He also mentioned that our clients sending requests directly to Apple could definitively be helpful…

Have a great day!


Thank you, sent my regards to Chris.

Do you have a contact address @apple we can sent our requests too?


Hi Timor,

Thank you very much for willing to help us!

Would it be possible for you to write your message and send it to Then, Chris could personally forward your email directly to the right contact at Apple.

Again, many thanks!


All transcodes we get from Arri or RED from on-set are in ProRes format, would be really useful to have our CGI previs transcoded to ProRes by draft so it just conforms to the EDL too.



Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for letting us know. We are doing the best we can to make this happen. I will add a +1 on your behalf.

Thanks for your patience,


Any movement on this, I’ve already gave my +1 to this request.

Out of curiosity is there another 10bit .mov / mp4 format that Draft can export to?


Hi there,

We are still waiting for ProRes licensing… Apple simply told us that it was a very long process. I totally believe them. :wink:

Adding support for encoding 10-bit DNxHD is on our wish list.

Kind regards,


Thanks Julie,

We’ve sideloaded the farm with most recent FFMPEG builds for the time being. Appreciate the michty apple work at their own rate on such matters :slight_smile:


Just my bit of contribution here: Adding the Pro Res support is actually quite simple. The problem is license royalties and agreements, not developer hours here.

I’d like to add a +1 to this. Prores would be incredibly helpful in our pipeline.

Has 10-bit DNxHD been implemented yet in Draft?


Wrong thread, but I’ll double check with Paul for the DNxHR thread.

Hybrik, Inc. today announced its cloud-based media processing now supports encode and decode of all Apple ProRes operating points. This important new capability enables more ProRes-based workflows in the cloud. Hybrik’s unique transcoding pipeline allows for the transcoding of ProRes content directly from an Amazon AWS S3 storage object without creating an intermediate file, which vastly accelerates workflows in scenarios where production master files can be hundreds of gigabytes in size.

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