Realflow provides us the PRT and RPC format for the particle, is there any difference, it got better result by using PRT?


In theory, using the PRT output would be the way to go, but in practice there have been some issues in the past where some channel were not written out correctly, e.g. the “ID” channel of PRT was saved as “id” (lower case), making it not working with Magma and some PRT Loader features. These issues might be fixed in the most recent builds of RealFlow, but are just something to keep in mind.
I believe that PRT files tend to be smaller and you can control how much or how little data you want in them.

Loading native RPC or particle BIN files from RealFlow allows you to keep the data in only one file format (the native RealFlow format), instead of producing separate data for RealFlow and for Krakatoa. However, there is a known bug in Krakatoa when loading some RPC data like Age that could cause surprises.

I would suggest trying the PRT route first and see if the PRTs you are getting from RealFlow work well for your needs.


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