QuickDraft for all submitted 3dsmax jobs


I would like to have a draft task done for each of our 3dsmax render jobs.

I’ve seen that we can access the pipeline tool to enable quickdraft and it will automatically pop a draft job once the 3dsmax job is completed, which is super cool, but this requires the production artist to manually go into the production tool window and enable quick draft for each job submission.
This is a real pain, isn’t it there a way to tell deadline that for every 3dsmax job that renders, it creates a quickdraft corresponding job?
To go further, it would be awesome that each job containing 1 task exports to jpg, and any job containing more than 1 task, converts to H264 (as it would be a animation)

Any ideas?


Hi Stan,

I’m going through this at the moment.

When a job is submitted from 3dsmax with out custom submitter, it sends 3 jobs (the precalc, the tiled render, and the tile assembly)

I have an event script that catches the tileassembly job and writes some quickdraft info into the extrainfo (resolution/quality etc)

Then when that job is finished, the default DraftEvent plugin kicks in when it sees the quickdraft information and submits a new QuickDraft job as part of the same batch.

It’s still Wip, but can pass it over if you need.