Quicktime error


We are getting some quicktime errors while trying to generate a .mov. We have a newer version of quicktime installed than the one it is asking for. Any ideas?


Can you post the full logs from these error reports? That will help us determine where the error is occurring. Also, which version of Qt do you have installed on your machines?

Finally, if you can post the QT settings file you’re sending with the job, as well as a small frame sequence that reproduces the problem, we can use that to try and reproduce on our end.


  • Ryan


Here is the full error log. We are using Quicktime 7.7.4 (1680.86)
Quicktime_Settings.xml (3.96 KB)
ERROR.txt (2.99 KB)


Any word on this?


Oops, sorry, I meant to have a look at this in Ryan’s stead since he’s on vacation, but I seem to have let your thread slip through the cracks :frowning:

I’ll take a look at this right away, thanks for reminding me!


  • Jon


Hmmm, so I tested this several times with the same version of QT, the settings file you provided, and a similar setup (loading frames from the network, saving to the network, 24fps, etc). I could not reproduce this issue at all, which is pretty weird.

Is this failing for all frame sequences or just this particular set? Could you try just running a single frame through the QT Generator, to see if that works at all?

When creating QTs on a network location, we actually create the QT file locally and then copy it over to the network location when we’re done encoding. Is there a reason that the slaves wouldn’t be able to create temp files (low harddrive space maybe)? I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I can’t think of many other reasons as to why this could go wrong…


Problem solved. Apparently once quicktime is installed on the render farm it needs to be run at least once for it to work. :wink:


That’s super weird. Good to know for future reference, glad to hear you figured it out!