Quicktime event example script

Looking to make an event plugin, once the image sequence is rendered from Toon Boom Harmony than making a dnxHD file, just like some other we found in the forum for Nuke or AE. We have a script but our Deadline 8 is not detect the event even it’s enable in Tools> Configuration event…

Where can we find the Quicktime event example script as reference. All the link I found just lead you to the download Deadline page?


Your event plugin probably still works, it’s just that we changed how Event Plugin config files (the .param file) are formatted from Deadline 8 to 9.

Take a look at this section on .param files and you should be able to convert your existing plugin to be Deadline 10 compatible.

Reading the manual for Deadline 8.
For when it mentioning the miscellaneous download link. Just brings you to all Thinkbox download software but not the miscellanous page. Is the “automatically submit a Quicktime job to create a movie from the rendered images of a job that just finished” can be found somewhere else?


Unfortunately those files are gone - we’ve removed references to the misc downloads page in the 10+ versions of the Deadline docs, but that update didn’t get made to the older versions it seems.

I’ve looked around in the past for those files (and again just now) and I think they’re really truly gone. Unless some kind forum-goer has them banging around on a hard drive!

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