Recover deleted job data

I deleted some jobs via the monitor and was wondering if it’s possible to recover them somehow.
If there are backups of the repository is it possible to pull back the job data / task data?

Deadline Monitor: Tools > UnDelete Jobs has a list of recently deleted jobs. Have you tried that?

Just to clarify, deleting a Job from the Monitor does not immediately delete it. It just marks is for deletion, and the actual deletion (purging) is performed hours later by the House Cleaning process (which could be run by a Worker, Pulse, or Remote Connection Server, depending on which ones you have running).

By default this happens 2 hours after a Job is marked as deleted. You can increase that value under Tools (Super User Mode) > Configure Repository Options > Job Settings > Deleted Job Purging > “Hours after a job is deleted before it is purged from the database”. This might not help you now, but it would be useful in the future if you need to undelete after, say, 24 hours…

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