Redshift for maya fails to load (only on linux only with deadline)

I’ve recently switched our mixed environment studio from Rush over to Deadline, and Deadline will not find / enable the redshift for maya plugin during the mayacmd jobs.
This problem only exists however on our linux nodes.

We have a floating license setup for redshift, and I have never locally installed redshift on a single machine (so there are no conflicting env’s / modules like some report with vray), but instead I rely on environment variables to set all the required startup variables, and I’m handling that in the file for deadline. The paths are correct. I double check the variable values equal what I’m setting in the script, but linux will seemingly not use them. At first it complains that it can’t find the renderDescription file, so if I copy that locally that error goes away, only to then fail by being unable to load the plugin (since that is not local and never will be since that would be foolish).

This approach works in Maya UI where my launcher script sets them, it works in Rush (our last queue software).
This is localized to only deadline and only on linux.
Any insight would be helpful

Maya 2018.6
Redshift Floating (many versions from 2.6.38 through 3.0.35)
Deadline 10.1
Windows 10 (workstations / farm)
Linux CentOS 7 (farm)

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