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Redshift proxy support?


since Thinkbox has added VRay support and are actually selling Redshift - is it likely that we will get support for redshift instances via frost?



Well, the support for Redshift via UBL is a bit of a different beast than working inside the API to make it compatible. I’ll pass it off to Paul to see if he’s investigated what this would take.

I haven’t looked into Redshift support yet, but I’ll add it to our wish list!

+1 for Redshift support. Redshift reads Frost as a single object when instancing instead of each particle having individual transforms. You can still render fine, but the motion blur only works when Vertex Deformation motion blur is enabled which really kills the speed of the renderer. It would be great to add support for Redshift proxies in the future, especially since a Redshift proxy object already exists and a lot of people are switching after seeing the results and speed.

+1 for Redshift proxy support!

Please add to Maya version as well! :smiley:

+1 for Redshift support!

Heh. Keep them coming guys. Now, the real question is what feature gets bumped to make room for this? <.<

This would be such an awesome feature. I hope it be implemented at some point soon! +1 for redshift instancing support

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