RedShift Proxy Support



is it possible to get RedShift Proxy/instance support soon?

Ive wondered about this since vray instance came out.

Pflow already supports that. all geometry (shape instances) that gets sent out to the renderer are only loaded once.

so i can currently scatter millions of geo with pflow, and send out to redshift, without a problem.

frost however makes one big mesh, far too huge for redshift or other renderers to handle…
can frost work the same way pflow does? or can we add redshift proxy support?

it would be super helpful
thanks so much


I assume the RedShift developers added the improved support for PFlow? We will have to discuss this with them. We would need a public API or SDK to achieve this in our code. If it is their own internal code and not exposed to 3rd parties, then we would have to wait for them to expose it.


okay. I wonder that too. I think Pflow just instances at render time no? I doubt they have pflow specific code. But of course need to chek. I will write Redshift now and ask.
This works with v-ray or any renderer I think (but need to double check), pflow its not building one big geo, but just making copies of the one loaded in memory


ok I just made comparison

PFLOW - Shapeinstancing VRAY compiling geometry takes 30 seconds, renter time was 1min 21

PFLOW, using FROST, without VRAY INSTANCER 3min3 seconds
PFLOW using FROST with vray instancer - INSTANTLY loads

so i think, PFLOW loads the geometry to the renderer differently than FROST does it
it treats the shape instances as instances, and does not send out one big data of geo


My understanding is that PFlow always makes large concatenated meshes - either a single one (default method in the Render operator), multiple meshes, or one mesh per particle. It is possible that some renderers manipulate those settings internally, but I would be surprised. … 2D10DDAB16