Redshift Standalone Job with Export always 1 Frame per Task


we have an issue with the Deadline Submitter for Houdini together with Redshift.

If you send a local Redshift Export Job together with a Dependant RedshIft Standalone Job to the Farm, i would assume that the Dependant Redshift Standalone Job would get its Settings from the Job Options. This is not the case, it gets its Settings from the Redshift Export. So far so good, i am fine with this approach. Problem is, i am not able to set the Frames per Task for the Standalone Job this way, since the Redshift Expoort does not provide frames per task options. The standalone Job always gets send with 1 Frame per Task, which results in the need of manually having to change this, the job being Suspended then automatically and me having to Resume the job again.
Either the Frames per task settings in the job Options should be used for the Standalone job, or (even better) the main Job Options altogether should be used to set the Redshift Standalone Render Settings.


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