Redshift Version bump AWS

Any chance we could get a Redshift bump to the latest stable and the latest production version of Houdini 18? I have a custom AMI with the latest redshift and grid nvidia driver but for some reason 18 won’t work with it. More testing is probably needed but seems the bump in Redshift version is called for.

Just an idea, but maybe there could be a “bounty” similar to a bug bounty where versions for AMI’s could be targeted.


Hi @Anthony_Morrelle

We have an internal ticket currently registered to deal with this. I’m making your request the part of the ticket.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the ETA.

I don’t think we have a separate list where you can register the AMI feature requests.

Until the AMI is released, you can make your own by following the docs here.

Yeah, I’ve already made a custom AMI for it but with 18 bumped and Redshift, something was breaking last time I checked. I’ll revisit it. Still using my custom ami for 17.5 with redshift 3.0.28 without problems.

I was thinking out loud but maybe there could be a “community edition” ami section where AMI’s could be posted following a certain template for naming, etc. That would offload the work of AMI’s to the users a little until an official AMI is made. I understand it’s a cat and mouse game but the more people you throw at it the better it would be.


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