Reducing the size of the "Reports" folder


I wonder if you guys could help me out with an issue I’m facing. The space I have for the Deadline10 Repository is somewhat limited and the “\DeadlineRepository10\reports” folder is taking up 88% of available space. Is there a simple way to clearing out some of the older reports?

I have been right clicking older jobs in Deadline Monitor and clicking “Delete Job Reports” > “Delete All Reports”, but this so far isn’t having much effect. Is there another way to do this or am I already doing it correctly?

Sorry for the post but I haven’t been able to find anything relevant by using the search function or on Google thus far. Any help is appreciated.



I recommend setting up some cleanup of old Jobs in the Monitor under Tools → Configure Repository Options → Job Settings → Cleanup. This way you won’t have jobs that are no longer relevant either deleted or archived into the jobsArchived folder in the Repository.

If you’ve never turned that on it might take a couple passes of the House Cleaning process to get all the now too-old jobs cleared out but it should help get the storage demands under control.

To clarify, setting the Cleanup to Archive will create ZIP archives of the job data and reports, but since the reports are text files, they compress incredibly well. So you don’t have to delete the data to reclaim disk space, you can always unarchive an archived job to restore it on the queue and access its data, or even re-render it.

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Thanks guys, very enlightening. This has helped us start to get control of the storage in use. Archiving older jobs has freed up enough space for the repo to start behaving again.

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