referenced xmesh sequence rendering proxy


maya 2015 ext1 sp6
win7 x64
vray 3.1

When rendering a referenced xmesh, or imported with namespaces, the proxy is rendered, not the high-rez cache.

I’m thinking this has to do with the introduction of a namespace, since without a namespace, no problem, with namespace added, proxy render.

btw, if I change the display to hi-rez, it renders hi-rez.



XMesh depends on a pre-render and post-render script to use the high-res geometry. Normally this these scripts are added automatically when you create and XMesh Loader, but I wonder if they might be missing for you.

To set the pre-render and post-render scripts:

  1. Switch to the Rendering menu bar.
  2. Choose the Rendering -> Render Settings… menu item.
  3. In the Render Settings dialog, switch to the Common tab, open the Render Options group.
  4. Under Render Options, please ensure that the following properties are set:
  • Pre render MEL: if(exists xmeshPreRender){xmeshPreRender;}
  • Post render MEL: if(exists xmeshPostRender){xmeshPostRender;}

Does this fix the problem for you?


Solid. Yes, that works a treat. thank you Paul.


Great! Thank you for letting us know.