Region rendering with motion blur activated produces different tiles


I’m using latest version of deadline except for the submitter where I’m using because of the bug I mentioned in the post before last in this thread : Draft assembly job produces an image with black lines

Now the problem I have is when I send a render with motion blur on, almost each tile produces a different image, as if they render different frames or something :

I’m using arnold MtoA for rendering. and Maya 2018.3


I think it depends on how the motion blur is computed. I would assume they should all come out the same since the objects in the scene should be moving at the same velocity, but I see these sorts of things with lighting that hasn’t been baked out.

Does anyone have an idea if this is expected?

For some background, all we’re doing for the Maya tile rendering is defining a region box of the output frame and asking it to save to the file. There’s a Draft job with information about the re-assembly created at submission time, but that won’t have any baring on the tile’s output.


We got it fixed, the only way we got the motion blur working correctly on tiled render is by setting the position to End On Frame

My theory about this is maybe one of the assets that we referenced has a different frame rate, which might have caused mismatch issues on batch rendering that might have resulted in inconsistent results on Center On Frame position. I didn’t have the time to confirm this theory yet. But for those that might have run to this issue too, it’s a maya/batch related problem and not draft or deadline as far as I can see.