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Remote Command port Range? Port range for "Connect to Worker log"?

Im looking to add a firewall policy that allows me to connect to my deadline farm. Im having some issues with the ports with the way the app works.

I tried setting everything to 1 port and that works perfectly, but then once I try to have multiple instances running on one system I have a port conflict and that fails.

So now I want to let it be dynamic but I cant find documentation? Im assuming its between 45k and 50k? But is that documented somewhere?

Worker picks a random port everytime for the remote command execution. You would need to setup a static port for the Worker which can be passed in the Firewall exception:

  • Set a static port in Tools > Confgure Repository Options > Worker Settings > Global Rremote Command Port Override (Solution not compatible with running Multiple Workers on a system)
  • Open this port in the Firewall on the Worker for the Monitors to access
  • Workers ports can individual be overriden by right clicking and modifying their properties from Deadline Monitor.


I guess the issue is from a security perspective it might be a little bit of an awkward ask to my networking team allow all tcp ports on the firewall from source to dest.

There is no set port range that this will look to use? like 50k-65k? It has to have a range somewhere?

I cant use the single static port as that breaks my ability to use multiple instances on a single worker, if that didnt break I would take that approach.

I pasted that from an internal runbook which is not fixed, we should not ask to open all the traffic. With multiple Workers on the node, it make it difficult to roll in a static port.

You can manually add a static listening port for each Worker under Monitor > Worker options > Modify Worker Properties > General > check “Override Remote Command Port” and set the static port for individual Worker. Or you can manually edit the [slave].ini files under Slaves folder in the path below:

  • Windows: %PROGRAMDATA%\Thinkbox\Deadline[VERSION]\
  • Linux: /var/lib/Thinkbox/Deadline[VERSION]/
  • macOS: /Users/Shared/Thinkbox/Deadline[VERSION]/

You can change the below flag value:


Give the Monitor UI a try first and test as I haven’t tested the .ini file change before.

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