Render every X frames and renumber rendered frames - Maya


We are trying to render a scene by skipping 4 frames at a time so that the rendered frames should be: 0, 4, 8 etc.
We have Maya 2019 with “By frame: 4.000” option activated and “Renumber frames” with “Start frame: 0.000” and “By frame: 1.000”.
Here’s a screenshot:

The tasks on Deadline are correctly created (it’s skipping the frames 4 by 4), but the “Renumber frames” is not working. The result is that we have the rendered frames but with wrong names (and we have to rename them before comp).

We tried to use the “Frame Number Offset” on the Deadline Submitter by setting it by 4, but it seems it doesn’t work (or maybe we just can’t figure out how to use it).

Thank you for your help!

Still unsolved. Anyone with the same issue?

How are your output frames getting named? If they’re all getting the same name, and all your tasks are a single frame that happens if you have the Renumber Frames option enabled in your Maya render settings. Each task is a separate batch, and if Renumber Frames is enabled, each batch will start at that frame number.

How are you looking to have your frames numbered? I assume you want 0,1,2 instead of 0,4,8? I’m not seeing a way to do that though our submitter, that might need a post-job script to re-number the output files and save any manual updating work.

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