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Render farm help

I would like to setup thinkbox-can i
do it locally for now without using the cloud(AWS).
I want to set up a render farm for adobe premiere and after effects.
Can someone help?

Deadline doesn’t integrate with Premiere. But we use it with After Effects fine. But it all really depends on the types of files you are trying to export.

Since you mention Premiere, it seems like you would more be exporting single video files vs image sequences? If so, you won’t really get the performance of a render farm for single video files as a single node/worker would still be doing that one export.

I think you are supposed to use Adobe Media Encoder for all these programs. We tried but newer versions of AME do not seem to work with Deadline (yet).

If you render frames from AE and the use a postjob to convert to movs a renderfarm definitely helps.
Also just in terms of jonb management and perhaps automation/pipeline its a good way to manage jobs.

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