Render from inside Blender to Deadline over python?

I want to write a kind of Batch render tool for Blender to be able to sent multiple Cameras (with ranges), Scenes and some more to Deadline. Because Blender don’t have the possibility and we are using a very versatile and good batch render workflow with scene states in 3dsmax (our main pipeline, so far).

So what/how do I need to call deadline in python, to send a job from Blender to Deadline with:

  • specific scene Camera plus framerange to render
  • specific internal Scene (Blender can have multiple “Scenes” inside a blender file)
    -specific output path / fileformat


I would also take a approach circumventing the Deadline-- Blender plug-in and infusing Deadline with a specific command line blender + options line if this is easier. I can create this in python too.

I’d recommend taking a look at the existing Blender submitter and plugin to see how we’re creating Blender jobs and running Blender.

Submitter code: DeadlineRepository10\submission\Blender
Plugin code: DeadlineRepository10\plugins\Blender

Be sure to put all your work in the appropriate folder under DeadlineRepository10/custom so that an upgrade doesn’t remove your work.

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