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render in PV vs VP render

(Is there any way to attach files to this forum and/be notified automatically when replies are received?

Here is a strange occurrence - the render in the Viewport is far more detailed and preferable to the render in the Picture Viewer…much higher contrast (and brighter) see the attached. Also linking the scene file, though it uses TFD to drive the XP particles.
Any idea why the VP looks higher in res than the PV and how I can get the PV to match what I see in the VP?
thanks for any help.
dennis … 1.c4d?dl=0 … 1.jpg?dl=0

You will usually need a lot more points in the render than in the viewport in order for it to look good… usually 100x more points is what I do.

The two options are:

  1. Increase your particle count of the simulation directly.
  2. Use our really cool “partitioning” function.
    -“Partitioning” is a way to cache out the TFD/X-Particles simulation into multiple partitions each of lower particle count. Then recombine them during the Krakatoa render. Here is some some reference for that: … le-saving/ … gs-dialog/

To answer your first question, you have to create an account on the forums if you want to attach files. Also, as a forum user, you can subscribe to get email notifications on topics.

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