Render Node 'Snapshot'

Early this year I hacked together a few tools which would take a screenshot every 5 minutes of the desktop of each of our render nodes, save them to a directory and then I built a small electron application to basically throw them onto one page so if I wanted to visually check the progress of a job or just the overall state of the farm it was pretty easy to get thumbnail view of what each nodes was up to. Yes I could remote into each machine but it’s more steps and if I need to check multiple machines it starts to become tedious. Visual feedback and seeing the stills or sequence actually being rendered can be really helpful in catching issues early on.

Was curious if there has ever been a consideration for a ‘snapshot’ type option from the monitor which could just quickly show you the frame buffer or desktop of the machine. Additionally, a monitor panel where you could perhaps see multiple nodes all at once would be fantastic.

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