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Render Particles inside geometry

I am rending particles inside of a fluid to represent bubbles and foam.

The particles are inside the fluid geometry. How do I render the particles with Krakatoa inside the geometry. Some particles shouldn’t render that are deep inside the fluid geometry.

Can someone explain if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

Typically in Krakatoa for Maya/3dsmax, you could do this using our Magma operators, but unfortunately, the C4D version of Krakatoa does not provide Magma.

So, there isn’t really a standard way of doing this in Krakatoa C4D. One idea that might work is to create a PRT Volume from the fluid mesh, and set the color of the particles to black. That would essentially provide some attenuation of your non-black particles that are deeper inside the mesh. I actually am not sure if this is a practical approach, since you would have to set the density of the black particles fairly low, and have a really dense set of particles, but it may give a decent look. It would give you a strange alpha channel though.

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