Renderfails on the other slave

Hi, I recently installed the deadline, I’m trying to do a render Job from maya, The main machine which I’m submitting the render is rendering Properly, but the other slave is not rendering at all. I’m getting an error like
Plugin - (no plugin)
Title - An error occurred while synchronizing the jon’s auxilary files: Unable to locate the following auxilary file(s):

Down tab
1.Error: Could not find report log: C:\DeadlineRepository10\reports\jobs\1c\a\5ee63e22279d2130a83c41ca\5ee63f24c38bfa1eb8600600.bz2

Please help me with this issue

The issue here seems to be in the job reports could not be reached by the monitor user, could be a missing access to read that job report location, check the permissions in “DeadlineRepository10\reports” and if its creating the bz2 files in there. Typically it is easier to change the permissions using a user interface on another machine assuming there is a user account which has proper access.


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