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Rendering stopps with certain files


I attached a prt file which causes problems here. The following things happen:

  • on windows 7 the rendering failes, renderer stops rendering, the last line we see is “Retrieving particles…”.
  • on windows XP 64 everything renders fine.
  • The problem occurs with the SDK release from March.
  • The problem does NOT occur with the previous version from February.

Maybe you can have a look at it and try to find out whats happening? We get no error messages at all. The file is one of a sequence from naiad fluid simulation particles. Only a very few ones causes this error.

Just discovered, that there is a new release from April. I’ll download and test it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the files, I’ll take a look right away.

Renders fine over here.

I can also load this file. It seems like a valid file. Is there any steps I could take to reproduce what you are seeing?

Hmm, I fear there are no much possiblities. I’d have to send you our maya plugin to check it. Maybe I can compile a simple standalone scene. Thanks a lot for trying.

If it’s hung up on the retrieving, and it’s only on some PRT’s, maybe the issue lies in how you read the PRT files, which isn’t something that’s in the Krakatoa API.

Maybe. But it’s the same way for all files. I get them via partio tools.

Can you verify that the files are happy in the Partio stanalone viewer and converrter? Maybe try converting to CSV and back?

I have a viewer in maya wich displays the particles from partio files. And here with the same loder everything works fine. The strange thing is, the error only occurs on Windows 7, on XP everthing is fine.

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