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Renders RealFLow, won't render TFD or X-P

I just bought Krak for C4D, so this may be an embarrassingly simple question: I can render imported Realflow particles no problem. However, I can’t render TFD or X-particle sims. The set-ups seem trivial, but the render is all black in the viewer. I do have a spotlight in the scene.

Any idea what’s wrong? Scenes attached. I"m on a Mac Pro 2014, 64 GB RAM, dual AMD FirePro video boards, OSX 10.9.3.

Any advice gratefully received.
krak (59.4 KB)
krak (523 KB)

In the Krakatoa X-Particles Source…

Go to the “Setup” tab. Check “Overide Density” (default value should be 1).

That should do it.

Also, you had your spot light with falloff. Add either a point or area light above your sphere with no falloff.

For some reason if you use lights with falloff in a Krak scene you have to crank the intensity of those lights to a value of over 10k to see results.


A thousand blessings on your household! That did the trick. I had to switch off falloff AND crank the light intensity to 10k. I’ll also investigate ara and point lights…

best regards, David

I should have pointed out you can use any type of light you want. I believe Thinkbox has mentioned you will get the best results using spot lights and area lights.



Thanks for the further clarification. Much appreciated. I took the afternoon and read all the documentation. Lots of holes, in my opinion, so I’ll probably be sending more squawks… :frowning:

best regards, David

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