Repopulation cancelling

We’re having a hard time cancelling renders when we use repopulate. It seems that we have to wait for that part to finish before we can cancel out.

Also, is the repopulation multithreaded? We’re not seeing much CPU load during that part of the render.

EDIT: Also, we’re seeing cancellation issues with motion blur. We can’t seem to cancel out of that either.

Unfortunately, we haven’t implemented cancel callbacks for repopulation yet. It is something we should do in the future, since it can be a pretty heavy call. It is not multi-threaded.

That being said, you should be able to cancel out of the sorting and drawing phases. It should work exactly the same as 3dsmax in that regard.

Are you using the C++ API? If so, I assume you’re implementing the “bool cancel_render_interface::is_cancelled()” function. Can you place some debug prints in there and see how often/when it is being called?

Yes, and we can cancel out of those phases. It’s just a pain when it take 30 seconds to repopulate and less than a second to actually sort, light, sort and draw. You have to catch it just at the right moment before it moves on to the next frame.

We’re implementing this inside of Fusion, and instead of hitting “render”, you hit “play”. So as soon as one frame finishes, the next begins, and if you have 4 or 5 Krakatoa renders running at once (different passes or different frames) then it can quickly make it impossible to hit the “stop” button.

Ok, I will look at adding a cancel option to the repopulation grid creation.

Yo Chad, the latest build has has repopulation cancelling controls, and also progress controls for repopulation. Thanks for the suggestion.
See: viewtopic.php?f=166&t=9473

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