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Request for C4D R26 Support


Cinema 4D R26 was released today, so I’m putting in a public request for Deadline support, as our studio needs this before we can consider adopting it.

We love your software; it’s an integral part of our pipeline, and we want to keep it there - we just need it to stay up to date with the DCC apps that we use day to day. If you could keep users informed with where you’re at in the development process, and when you expect to provide support for major software packages like Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, 3DsMax, After Effects, etc - we would all be incredibly grateful. Please don’t keep us in the dark.

Many thanks,


Thanks for posting Luke.

We will revisit our policies on this to find a way to be more transparent and reactive.


Those who do simple submission this might do.
Scripts edited from Deadline version

As usually, I don’t take responsibility for any issues :smiley:
But for me a simple multi-take/batch mode submission works good with Redshift.

Quick instructions:

Copy the “DeadlineRepository10” over your Deadline DeadlineRepository10
or replace the files manually in these folders:
copy in

copy in
C:\DeadlineRepository10\plugins\Cinema4DBatch (4.0 KB)


Thanks for sharing Toms; we’re hoping to make use of Thinkbox submission scripts for Cinema 4D and other DCC apps to ensure we can make use of official support channels, but we really appreciate the work that the community has done to provide other resources.


Nice work! I checked it against the 10.1.21 files, and added 26 to the version picker for the Monitor’s submitter.

The only difference from your files and the one attached is a “26” added in the version picker of

@Luke_Letellier Using this sort of patch doesn’t disqualify you from working with support. It’s just that if the issue seems to be a ‘how Deadline talks to C4D’ issue we may be forced to wait for the official support release. (10.7 KB)


Thanks for the info Justin. While I’m sure many use these hold-over patches with good success, the kind of official support that comes with a proper release is why we pay for Deadline at our studio, as the software bugs we tend to encounter are always the bizarre and untimely ones. We look forward to the full release, and switching to R26 at that time.


Wow, I really appreciate this patch @Toms & @Justin_B it can be a workaround for the time being but is such a lifesaver.

However, I do agree with Luke_Letellier - Thinkbox has to step up the way they’re updating and releasing these kinds of minor updates that make a huge difference in competitive creative spaces.

Thank you all! - Let’s keep this thread alive.


I’m new to Deadline, so perhaps I miss something:

I installed your provided patch into my Repo. Then I copied the DeadlineC4DClient.pyp from my R25 installation to my R26 one, but the Submit to Deadline Button doesn’t show up in R26.

Any advice?

Could you try again placing those files?

Just make sure to close down all Deadline apps.
Also, are you on Windows or Mac?

Cause I tested this only for Windows, but the paths I edited, were also edited for Mac file paths.
Except if Maxon changed something for S26 in Mac location.

I’m on PC.

I don’t use the standard install paths for c4d, I’ll try to edit the param files now by my own. Perhaps this will fix it. Thanks for the hint.

Bump on this - where is the S26 support?

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