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Request for new ideas and feedback on Quick Draft

Hello Draft users!

We would like to hear from you! We are currently adding new controls and features in our Quick Draft UI in Deadline and we would like to gather any special requests you might have, like, for instance, applying LUTs in one click, adding control for embedding timecodes (when applicable) or for specifying channel bit depth, adding a standard slate maker and burn-ins generator or adding the option to submit one single Draft job with multiple outputs – say a movie and multiple image sequences.

Please, help us adding new features in Quick Draft that users would get excited about by giving ideas and feedback through this forum thread!

Many thanks,


Would be ace if you can include something to function like mini slap comp where you can get a bunch of renders and slap comp them and then draft them.I made something similar for our firm but was restricted to only 4 renders and was rather bugy at times xD.

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