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Resolution gate different with resolution render in maya 2018

Hello all !

I do not understand, I started using Krakatoa MY this week, and I noticed a problem with my rendering by batch render. rendering is different from the resolution gate in the maya display, and it breaks a problem during the compositing, my particular renderings do not match my scene.

I tried to render with maya sw, and arnold, the resolutions are good.

Attached is a catch of the problem, we can see the difference of margin with respect to the edges.

after a week of research on different forums, still nothing. Am I the only one to have this problem ?! i reinstall maya 2018 and still nothing. it’s a really problematic bug

Hi NeilujxD,

My apologies that your post was missed before.

This is a known issue in Krakatoa for Maya. We intend to fix it, but unfortunately I do not have an ETA on when that might happen.

thank you for this answer, even late, I feel less alone. If you ever hear of a possible trick before an update I remain a taker. for the moment, I just scale my renderings, it works but it’s not always the best.

Thx again Evan_Spearman.

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