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[RESOLVED] Ongoing, unplanned Usage-Based Licensing outages

This issue is resolved as of November 20.

We are aware of ongoing issues with our Usage-Based Licensing (UBL) provider.

If you have render licensing errors like the following in the Worker log:

Licensing Error: Generic communications error.
An HTTP error was returned from the server. HTTP response code said error (504)

Please file a ticket here at our help desk and include “licensing error” in the title. Please also include the email address you use to log into the Customer Portal. Any details about the time of the error and other context is also helpful.

While we work with our provider to resolve the ongoing issue, you can confirm if there is a current outage by checking for the current status of “FlexNet Operations ALM/LLM Cloud Licensing Service NAM1 service” under the “FlexNet Operations Production NAM1“ group.

Once the service is showing “online” again you can re-attempt rendering.

If there are other issues, or if the cause in unclear please do not hesitate to reach out to us by cutting a ticket here at our help desk.

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