"RESOLVED" Redshift for maya lincesing issues ONLY with DEADLINE


Hello, we are having an issue with Resdhift Maya within Deadline, it works fine in Maya GUI and Maya Batch through Maya GUI but send an error in Deadline. Redshift is NODELOCKED LICENSED.
Before we were running a Floating license on that machine but now the artist works from home and we put a node lock license instead. The whole thing works nice EXCEPT with Deadline which now still looks for a RLM license server.
So I guess we need to purge a cache of some sort, but I don’t know how.

We deleted the .param in the salve rep and restarted the Deadline Slave.

Thank you,


Job_2019-10-02_22-58-03_5d950f5bb08c1f1060b86c2b.zip (5.8 KB)


If anyone else runs into this issue, contact the awesome folks at redshift, they need to provide you with some additional files. no work with floating licenses properly.