Resources for Custom Nuke Submission Script


I’ve got a car configurator script in Nuke that I’m having some trouble with.

I need to be able to loop through a dozen or so write nodes, trigger a few conditions, then submit to deadline with a python script.

I’m having some trouble finding resources on how to submit a write node as a job without going through the nuke deadline submission panel. If anyone has written some custom submission scripts or has had luck creating job files and submitting through command line, could you point me to some examples?


in a nut shell, your shortest route forward would be to:

for the python script in nuke on farm, see this:

for the nuke render submission:
Normally i would suggest going through the python rest api for deadline, but if you dont have it setup the commandline will work aswell:

  1. submit a nuke job to the farm, in the job properties, export the the ini files from the submission params window, this will give you the bare min required to submit a job.

  2. save these either as a .ini or as a multi string block in you code, use something like sting formatting, to drop keywords for the details you want to edit, for example, you want to change the WriteNode in the plugin info, stick something here so you can dynamically change it.

  3. with your modified data, save them as ini files to disk, besure to seperate out the plugininfo and the job info, then call a line like this:
    submit_command = "{0} SubmitJob {1} {2} {3}".format(deadline_command,job_info_file,plugin_info_file,aux_files)
    subprocess or popen will do, some fancy return editing to get the jobid, if you need to keep track of that kind of thing.

fun caveat: if in your ini files, any of the values of the keys is a “None”, deadline will not be happy, convert these to an empty string, etc “”

Hope this helps.