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Restore Deleted Jobs

I accidently deleted the jobs. I want it to be back into my Deadline Monitor.
is there any way to do this?
Thank You.


Go to Tools > Undelete Jobs. You can manage this timed setting in the Configure Repository Options.

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You are right. but it has specific time period (mine was 2 hours). That period was expired so I cannot restore jobs using those options. Do you have any other options for that. please provide your suggestion.
Also, one more question, can We archive a job without deleting it from the Jobs panel? I know we can reload the archived jobs, but I have 100 of jobs so selecting specific job from archive is not ideal scenario.
Thank You.

You can archive a job without deleting it from the Jobs panel of the UI by just right-clicking on the job(s) and pressing ‘Archive Jobs’ and uncheck ‘Delete after archiving’

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