RFDK and and empty Deadline Monitor

Hi All,

I have a question around using Deadline with the AWS RFDK. I’ve manage to deploy a render farm based on one of the AWS examples… (This one → h)ttps://github.com/aws/aws-rfdk/tree/mainline/examples/deadline/All-In-AWS-Infrastructure-Basic

After a few issues with versions, I settled on 10.1.16 for the version of deadline. I have a Windows Desktop (ec2 instance) as my client in a different VPC, which is peered to the Deadline VPC.

Thus far, the Deadline monitor connects to the repository, but it doesn’t display anything in its Panels. (Such as the server connection info, any jobs in the job list, the worker node list, etc.)

I’m not sure what to do now as Deadline isn’t showing any errors or clues on how to get it working.

Has anybody seen this before and know what to do?



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