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Rhel 9 - Rocky 9 - Deadline MongoDB

Hello! I jumped on the Rocky bandwagon and I’m struggling to get Deadline and MongoDB working.
Did someone get it to work without any issues?
I was able to get both installed, but Deadline Monitor has UI GUI issues, looking for libraries - and MongoDB couldn’t connect to the Deadline database due to some permissions.
I did follow the guides on the Manuals, but they seem to be tailored for Centos 7/8 - so a lot of steps are not working anymore.

So, if I’m lucky, maybe someone has it installed already and working and could assist me?



I have not tested it myself on Rocky ever so I can’t say for sure if it works or not. It is not in the list of supported OSs though.

By the way what errors are you getting?
Are you able to start any other UI app like Worker/Pulse?

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