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Run script when "Draft Tile Assembly" task finish its job


I can’t find a way to run a python script right after the Draft Tile Assembly task is completed.
Here is an image of Deadline Monitor and the tasks:

The “22222-Still-INT-S1-Cam02 - Final - F1 - Draft Tile Assembly” will be run after all tiles are rendered and I would like to know how to run a python script after this task is completed. I have tried with post-job and post-task scripts, but they are executed before the “2022-11-15 16_16_41.png - Google Drive” task to complete.

The jobs are submitted via RPManager(using another maxscript to create and prepare the passes). I have tried the Pipeline Tools from the SMTD using a Quick Draft, but the result is the same - the python script is executed before the Draft Tile Assembly, not after it.

I have solved the problem this way:

  • a post-job script is added to the the job which will render the tiles.
  • the above post-job script finds the DraftTileAssembly job and “inject” it with a new post-job script
  • the new post-job script will be executed after the DraftTileAssembly job is completed.

But, if someone knows how to add post-job script directly to the DraftTileAssembly job, please share the secret. :slight_smile:

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