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Run standalone python with deadline and nuke in LInux

Hello Folks,

have a basic question , which you guys would have come across in the past,

when i try to complie the ,
loading deadlineGlobals module in the python file, no module found,

have managed to point the pythonpath to nuke/python/site-packages,
and import nuke (module works fine),

i have set the pythonpath to look for the site-packages path in deadline10/lib folder as well,
but when i run the file it complains about DeadlineGlobals no module found ,
everything else works fine , need to find where to point the pythonpath to find the deadline modules,

any insight on this would be great,

running python 2.7 on centOS 7


replying to my own post,

well saw the documentation on deadline headless mode ,
all is well , it works with the gui mode in nuke , and this is the objective,
and also found the in /repositry /sublissions/Nuke/Main folder

so yep everything works

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