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Running Client as a service on Mac fails

Hey all, I am running into issues when I install the clients as a service in my Mac/C4D environment. If I install not as a service, I can submit C4D projects via submission script and the render out. I then go and reinstall the client on one machine as a service, then re-render the same project and the client errors out. I’m thinking a permission issue, but not sure what.
I’ve attached the worker log. Let me know if anybody has any thoughts. Thank you!! (16.6 KB)

Hello @ChrisMullinax

Thanks for reaching out. Seems like failed to initialize. This is something deep inside the MacOS I believe. I think we can try render with normal non-batch plugin and see if it fails. if it does then we can follow the troubleshooting guide to try and isolate the issue from Deadline.

In order to render with non-batch plugin please submit the same job without the option “Use Batch Plugin” checked in the submitter. Reproduce the issue while running Launcher/Worker as a daemon. See if it fails.

If it does then we will isolate.

I also looked into enabling but I cannot test it. I do not want to break your system :slight_smile: so I won’t suggest you follow here. I might be able to test and send some rollback instructions on how to change, test and rollback if I find a test MacOS machine.

It failed for the worker as a daemon without the “Use Batch Plugin”.

I was able to execute the same commands via command line and it rendered properly.

actually, I take that back, it rendered, but without one of the plugins.

Can you share the logs from cmd? Please remove any internal paths which you think should not be shared publicly.

And now if you got back to the test the same scene without that plugin which was missing but this time use the Batch plugin. (19.5 KB)
The terminal commands I entered were messed up, so I started the process over. I submitted without batch to daemon client and the task actually says it completes, but there is no image output and a bunch of errors in the log. When I enter the same command in terminal, the render completes and I have an image and those same errors are not present. Attached are the job report from deadline, and the terminal output from the finished job.

Hi @zainali, let me know if you were able to look at these logs and if anything stands out. thanks

Hello @ChrisMullinax

I looked the logs here, seems like a lot of errors coming from Cinema 4D I think that running Worker as daemon is not supported with the plugins you are using. Also the full command run on the terminal is different from the one in the job report. It has more arguments than the one in the job report.
Below is extra.
-oimage "/Volumes/somepath/FilenamePrefix"

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