Running postjobscript in a specific pool

Hi there:

I have a postjobscript running to remove nuke temporary files from the render folder and now I would like to add a functionality for creating dailies mp4 file. I have the python script working manually outside of deadline and would like to add to the postjobscript. Would it be possible to specify a separate pool name to generate mp4 …?


Post-Job scripts run in the same pool (and group) as the rest of the tasks in a job. But you can check all the job details, including pool in the script itself, and take appropriate action based on the values you find. Including importing another script, etc.

From within this post-job, you can create a new job with the specific slapcomp task, if required.

But the worker picking up the task will be one that is assigned to the job’s pool and group. Hope any of the above information helps you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Daniel - but I was thinking of creating a jobfile and with the new pool info and launching it from the postJob script. This should take care of the pool seeting.